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Film Instructor Dr Geoff Lealand, PhD

Dr Geoff Lealand, PhD was an Associate Professor in Screen and Media Studies (formerly Film & Television Studies) at the University of Waikato from 1992 to 2017. He taught a World Cinema course there, as well as undergraduate/graduate courses on Media Studies, Television Studies, Children and Media, Research Methods and writing. Since retiring (a word he dislikes), he regularly volunteers for conservation ventures such as Seeley Gully and Friends of Waiwhakareke, works on his own large garden, writes and publishes on film and social history, does research for NZ On Air, and maintains his website Cinemas of New Zealand (est. 2010). He is the current president of the Hamilton Film Society and plays a part in local film-making (see The Reel People of New Zealand, and Costa Botes’ forthcoming doco When The Cows Come Home).